K-State's Hannah Davis competes against UMKC at KSU Soccer Complex in Manhattan, Kansas on September 7, 2018. (Photo by Scott D. Weaver/K-State Athletics)

Coach Greyson brings out the best in everyone, no matter who you are, and no matter what sport you play. Coach G has turned into much more than a strength coach to me, he’s a mentor and he is a friend.

Hannah Davis


College Soccer Athlete

After working with Coach G, I can say I was the most prepared physically and mentally I have ever been going into the long grind that is the professional baseball season.

Ryan Boldt


Pro Baseball Athlete

Greyson’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. His training not only builds a strong/ well-conditioned athlete, but his approach, more importantly, builds confidence in athletes to believe in their ability to reach new heights.

Kiki Stokes


College Softball Coach
IMG_2995 (2)

The training was specific to me as a player and what I needed. There is a major emphasis on doing the little things right.

Hannah Kelle


College Basketball Athlete

He knows his stuff. I recommend Coach G to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level.

Rachel Weber


College Softball Athlete

I came to Greyson injured. He helped me not only regain confidence in my injury, but also significantly improved my athleticism as well.

Reid Houchin


College Football Athlete
July 18, 2019 04

Greyson provides an environment that is both challenging and fun. He has not only helped me physical goals, but has improved my competitiveness.

Carson Kasl


College Baseball Athlete

Coach G was always there to help me get better but also to push me to my full potential. Without him, I probably wouldn't have been able to keep up with college athletes.

Caitlin Vancura


College Volleyball Athlete

Greyson has had a tremendous impact on my performance on and off the field. Whether you are trying to get stronger or lose weight, Coach G will make it right for you.

Ethan Mach


College Football Athlete

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